Aliases The Weeping City
Ruler Oligarchy
Races Humans, Elves
Religions Aeronwy, Enlil (local gods)
Corellon, Erathis, Moradin
Exports Water

Locations in Nia

Nia, the Weeping City, first colonised by Humans in the first Era. The city quickly grew into a vibrant ecomony based on trading water, Nia's most plentiful resource. The tall mountains either side of it grants the city an almost perpetual rainfall. As such the water is gathered in huge reservoirs beneath the city and either pumped down the river Durien or carted over the mountains to the Lilyian desert.


Nestled in the western most point of the kingdom. Situated between two mountain ranges the city provides the only safe passage west through the ranges to the Csarvok desert. Can be accessed by either the Grand Highway or by the Durien Loch.

Quarters (coming soon)Edit

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