Azure Hare
The Knights of the Azure Hare
Aliases 'Angry Bunnies'
Motto Non Sibi Sed Alteri

'Not for oneself but for the others'

Leader(s) None, decisions made as a group
Alignment Neutral Good
Members Agrael Silvertyr, Azreal, Dupond Tomason, Laerwen Airlinniel, Perl Silvertyr, Thenalia Azkarath, Xandar Turncoat
Races Open to all
Base of Operations The One Trick Pony
Symbol An Azure Hare

The Knights of the Azure Hare is an adventuring party based out of the One Trick Pony tavern in the city of Nia. Unlike other adventuring parties the Hares are known to accept work from all races as long as the quest is, at heart, just. With the Elven-Human war raging across the lands this has seen to the Hares being offered more work than would be usual for a young guild, as they can work freely in both human and elven territories.

Overview of the KnightsEdit

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Current MembersEdit

Agrael Silvertyr

  • A dwarven Paladin, is seen by many as the unofficial leader of the Hares. He goes to great lengths to protect the Hares, especially fellow dwarf Perl.


  • A tiefling Rogue, Azreal is obsessed with loot and coin. If there is something of worth to be found, he will find it and more.

Dupond Tomason

  • Though accepted into the Hares, Dupond choose to take extended leave of the Guild after the Gauntlet of Marduk. He has yet to return.

Laerwen Airlinniel

  • Far from being the typical die-easy bard, the elf Laerwen is strong-willed and deadly in battle. She currently reigns over the One Trick Pony tavern.

Perl Silvertyr

  • The dwarven Invoker is well known for her blasting spells. Allies have learnt to stand well clear of Perl's targets when a battle rages.

Thenalia Azkarath

  • Although cast from the Hares for allying herself with Ibram Ravernor, the Eladrin Sorceress has since been accepted back into the Guild. Her signature spells are acidic in nature, and she rarely misses her targets.

Xandar Turncoat

  • The only Guild member whose alignment is good rather than unaligned, the Razorclaw Ranger attempts to be the voice of reason in plans and dealings. When she does engage in combat, her skills with the greatbow see the Hare's enemies fall from all sides.

Quests/Jobs UndertakenEdit

Complete Member ListEdit

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