Size Normal
Languages Common

Humans are the most populous race in the Realm of Excardil, inhabiting most parts of the world. They often dwell alongside other races, usually Dwarves or Elves yet there are more than a few human-centric cities as well as the human-oriented Kingdom of Anderios. Humans are also known to inter-breed with other races, giving races such as the Half-Elves and Half-Orc.


Humans are among the shortest living races in the Realm of Excaldir, most dying around the age of fifty yet a few manage to reach the venerable old age of seventy-five. A human is considered mature at the age of fifteen, though some cultures extend the age of majority to eighteen. Though known for their rashness and ambition, they are also noted for their energy and resourcefulness, despite the fact that they seem to lack specialisation. While there are no natural sub-races for humans, a plane-touched offshoot of humans is the Tiefling race. There are quite a number of human ethnic groupings in Excardil.