Government Village Chieftain
Ruler Bruce
Population Approx 500 inhabitants
Races Humans, Half-Orcs
Alignment Unaligned
Dragonfalls is a small village in the shadows of the mountain that contains the The Temple of Tiamat. A recent settlement, the village has been constantly attacked by the red dragon Marduk who inhabits the Temple of Tiamat.


Inhabited by humans and half-orcs, Dragonfalls is a settlement of tough and sturdy folk. Beginning as a bandit camp, it grew into a fortified village quite quickly. Despite the fortifications and skills of the inhabitants, Dragonfalls is plagued by the regular attacks and raids by the dragon Marduk, whom rests in the ruins of a temple to Tiamat located inside a nearby mountain.

Notable InhabitantsEdit

Bruce - The village chieftain, Bruce has been attempting to find a party strong enough to kill the dragon Marduk that has been menacing his village.

Drake - The half-orc bouncer of the Dragon's Flask. A giant by any standard, but not the brightest of creatures.

Notable LocationsEdit

Dragon's Flask Tavern - Doubling as the village's meeting hall, the small establishment serves both Dwarven ale and Elven wine and is open to all travellers. Weapons are to be left at the door, a rule that is enforced by Drake, a half-orc bouncer who guards the entrance.

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