Champions of Lothar
Motto Ad augusta per angusta
'To high places by narrow roads'
Leader(s) (Currently) Sir Gebhard of Longhmarr
Alignment Good, Lawful Good
Races Human
Allegiances Kingdom of Anderios
Base of Operations Sia Brenevar
Symbol White Eagle

The Champions of Lothar are a knightly order within the Kingdom of Anderios. It was formed in memory of King Lothar after his death by one hundred of his knights. The membership is restricted to Humans in the Kingdom of Anderios and numbering around one hundred at anyone time. The organisation is based in Sia Brenevar, but has chapter houses in most parts of Anderios.



Towards the end of the War of Anderian Expansion, King Lothar perfected the heavy cavalry that was chiefly responsible for the victory against the Elves and the acquisition of a large amount of land. Lothar had confided to several of his knights of the need for a permenant cavalry for the protection of the realm, and managed to garner some interest before his death in the Battle of Gerendar. Following Lothar's death, one hundred of his knights headed by Cathair Nightwatcher formed the organisation in his memory, swearing to protect Anderios and it's borders. On the first anniversary of her consort Lothar's death, Queen Agrona VII became the official patron, a tradition that was maintained by her successors.

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